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Get to know the new GP family of gliders. Breaking new ground in the 13.5 meter class and drawing on the long tradition of Polish performance gliders past and present - they're packed with features. Light and dynamic, the GP Gliders include:

  • Composite construction incorporating the latest technology for strength.
  • Full automatic control hookups for ease of rigging and safety. 
  • Polyurethane paint for durability. 
  • Equipped with a ballistic parachute system for peace of mind.
  • Tail ballast control to allow for fine tuning the center of gravity.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes for quick stops.

And a custom-designed, highly functional, and lightweight trailer, so you can hook up and go where you like.

Read on to learn about the highlights of each model. An extensive list of options will be available so you can customize your ship to your heart's delight. It's the evolution of performance.

GP 11 Pulse

GP 11 Pulse Prototype

GP 11 Pulse Prototype

Offering performance the aspiring cross-country pilot and forward-thinking clubs desire in a high performance, yet affordable package, the GP 11 Pulse is designed to start the heart racing in a new generation of pilots.


  • Near 40:1 L/D
  • Fixed and faired main landing gear
  • A high aspect ratio wing
  • Flapless wing with dive brakes for glidepath control
  • Tail ballast tank for C.G. control and tuning

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GP 14 Velo

GP 14 Velo - rendering

GP 14 Velo - rendering

The GP14 Velo is the ultimate expression of today's new 13.5 meter racing class. Delivering glide performance solidly in the mid-40's L/D, designer Grzegorz Peszke has created a new aerodynamic package in the GP 14.   


  • Slim or standard fuselage
  • Heat resistant structure allowing for non-white exterior color options.
  • Optional wing and fuselage water ballast to bring wing loading to 11 pound per square foot for high speed performance
  • Available electric self-launch motor (GP 14 E and GP 14 SE)

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Trailer GP T1

The GP T1 trailer is lightweight and custom designed for the GP series gliders. It includes high quality German components.

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