GP 15 Jeta

With the stunning aerodynamic performance of the GP 14, the GP 15 is making a challenge for supremacy in the 15 meter class. This design is the first optimized 15 meter design in many years. Add a unique and powerful electric self-launch capability, and the GP 15 is the clear choice in the class going forward.


  • Slim or standard cockpit
  • Heat resistant structure allowing for your choice of non-white exterior color options.
  • Optional wing water ballast for high speed performance
  • 25+ KwH electric self-launch motor

All GP Gliders Models include:

  • Composite construction incorporating the latest technology for strength.
  • Full automatic control hookups for ease of rigging and safety. 
  • Polyurethane paint for durability. 
  • Equipped with a ballistic parachute system for peace of mind.
  • Tail ballast control to allow for fine tuning the center of gravity.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes for quick stops.


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