GP 14 Velo Production and New Trailer Photos

We're hearing good news from Krosno about the first GP 14 Velo gliders and the development and construction of the trailer. Take a look at this photo gallery below for highlights.

When you're building a completely new design, great care must be taken in every detail. Recently, they have been fitting the Galaxy GRS ballistic recovery parachute - which comes standard with every GP model.

As an expert in prop design, Grzegorsz Peszke is working on the optimal prop for the electric launch system. Innovation is the watchword for every aspect of the GP gliders.

Note: the white gliders are still in primer in these photos. The trailers are also unpainted and on Russian-sourced frames/undercarriages for a Russian customer.

Click any image to zoom in and see captions.

A very limited number of gliders are still available to be ordered at the initial promotional prices. If you have questions or if you are ready to start choosing your options, contact me at